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How to carry out safe operation, warranty and maintenance of printing machines
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1. Only with permission and proper supervision can the machine be operated.

2. Before the operation, all safety measures and equipment should be made.

3. If the machine stops for no reason, avoid re-starting.

4. Before starting the machine, check if someone is making other adjustments.

5. All tools should be returned to the original location, while the bells are notified to other work partners.

6. If the noise is too large, apply earplugs.

7. Should avoid the hand on the machine to rotate the location of digital printing, the body should not rely on the machine.

8. When the machine is running, do not drill under the machine for some adjustment work.

9. Do not try to apply the ink or paper from the plate or ink roller.

10. Do not wipe the drum or roller while the machine is running.

11. Do not rescue paper.

12. Apply the cloth, it should be folded, to avoid being involved in the terms of the machine, if there is an accident, you can not try to pull back the cloth.

13. Always check the version and blanket is loose.

14. Apply the correct lubrication tool and lubricant for maintenance work.

15. Lubrication should be carried out strictly and should be held constant.

16. During maintenance and repair, the total power supply should be closed to ensure that all components are locked to avoid the risk of sudden fall.

17. During the investment period of purchase, a warning plate should be placed at the power switch to prevent others from starting the machine.
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