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Printing machinery industry focus on the future development of high - grade printing machinery
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It is reported that, according to the China Printing and Equipment Equipment Industry Association of Printing Machinery Branch of the statistics show that the first half of the printing machinery industry to achieve industrial output value of 2490.52 million yuan, down 26.4%; to achieve product sales of 2605.65 million yuan, year on year Down 18.4%; to achieve a total profit of 125.42 million yuan, down 28.7%; to achieve export delivery value of 300.16 million yuan, down 36.2%.
      "The economic indicators across the industry fell sharply over the same period, indicating that the international financial crisis on the adverse impact of the printing machinery industry has not weakened, and the printing industry to the printing industry to bring the impact, especially the Internet, the emergence of mobile phones, quietly Change the people's reading habits, resulting in the decline in the demand for traditional print. "China Printing and Equipment Equipment Industry Association Printing Machinery Branch Zhang Zhiyuan recently analyzed the industry trend. At the same time, he suggested that the printing machine manufacturing enterprises to take the financial crisis, speed up the adjustment of product structure, the development of some high-grade printing machinery products, improve market competitiveness.
      The decline in traditional demand for digital printing surged
      According to the China Press Association survey, in 2008, the national newspaper total printing volume of 15.49 billion, compared with 2007 to 163.4 billion printing a 2.45% reduction; annual consumption of newsprint 3.58 million tons, compared with 2007 3.67 million tons to reduce 2.45%. From the Press and Publication Administration published in 1999 to 2006, China's books production and sales situation, the book volume is increasing.
      The reduction in demand for traditional prints is not only the Chinese printing market. According to statistics, the US printing industry in the fourth quarter of 2006 to the third quarter of 2007, the overall decline of 10%; Russia lost 2% of traditional print readers every year; the past five years, the number of traditional Indian printing companies an average annual reduction of 4% ... ...
      While the traditional printing industry shrinking at the same time, digital printing has been rapid development.
      According to the British authorities, the country's digital printing industry has occupied the printing market share of 9%, is expected by 2011, this figure will rise to 20% to 25%. Digital printing triumph of this trend, from the North American various types of printing technology relative to the market share changes have also been verified. According to statistics, in 1990 North American traditional printing market share of 91%, while the digital printing market share is zero, other additional services market share of 9%; by 2005, the traditional printing market share fell to 66%, while digital printing market share rose to 13%, other additional services market share of 21%. A global forecast shows that in 2011 the global digital printing market turnover will reach 120 million US dollars.
      "The above set of data will undoubtedly send a signal to the enterprise: the survival of the fiters. Printing machine manufacturers do not pay attention to product structure adjustment, will be eliminated by the market." Zhang Zhiyuan said, "in May this year held in Beijing, the seventh International Printing Exhibition, has clearly seen the current changes in the printing market and the development trend of printing technology.
      Such as inkjet printing as a way of digital printing, it completely out of pre-printed, transfer and other steps, you can use more types of ink, through the inkjet head, in a variety of materials on the printing material easy to achieve direct printing. The emergence of inkjet printing products to accelerate the pace of the printing business market for all printing enterprises to create a new business opportunities.
      2008 China's imports of printed machinery products also confirms this new trend. In 2008 China's digital printing presses and inkjet printers imported a total of 162 million US dollars, accounting for 9.37% of total imports, an increase of 0.96%. In particular, digital inkjet printers in 2008 amounted to 133 million US dollars, accounting for 7.69% of total imports, an increase of 1.48%.
      Traditional offset printing is waiting for new vitality
      Zhang Zhiyuan pointed out that although the emergence of new media to a large extent to meet the individual needs of consumers, to bring a lot of impact on traditional printing, resulting in a single sheet of paper and web offset press and flexographic printing press demand Continue to shrink, but in the future development of traditional printing is still irreplaceable, the traditional printing machinery will continue to dominate the market.
      Even so, he believes that the traditional printing machine manufacturers must take the initiative to change, towards the high-end development, to maximize production efficiency, value-added services diversification, printing format differentiation, in order to expand living space.
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